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Will Tony Blair Stand Down Within Six Months?

Do You Trust Politicians?

If there was a general election tomorrow who would you vote for?

Should Charles And Camilla Marry?

Is The United States Planning To Invade Iran?

Do You Think The UK Should Leave The European Union?

Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Is Binge Drinking In Britain Out Of Control?

Do You Think We Will Have A White Christmas?

How Much Money Are You Spending This Christmas?

Have You Put Up Your Christmas Tree Up?

Do Parents Have The Right To Smack Their Children?

Should The UK Generate More Energy From Wind Farms?

Do You Take Vitamin Supplements?

Is Reality TV Damaging Society?

Should The Police Be Given New Powers Of Arrest?

Do You Think Interest Rates Will Continue To Rise?

Is Tony Blair’s Time Up As Prime Minister?

Should The British Public Be Informed Of Potential Terror Threats?

Should The Number Of Speed Cameras In The UK Be Reduced?

Which do you prefer. Coffee Or Tea?

Does a foetus have a right to life?

Should British scientists be allowed to clone a human embryo?

Should UK Forces Leave Iraq?

Will You Be Voting In The European Elections?

Should Random Breath Tests Be Introduced?